Archaeology and Anthropology Museum May 2014

A visit to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge to see and handle finds from Gamlingay and the surrounding area was very successful. Our thanks to Imogen and Eleanor from the Museum who had selected the items from their vast collection.   Of particular interest were a quern stone from Gamlingay and a rare and complete Roman glass vase from Hatley Park.   We were able to handle the artefacts, with gloves, from Neolithic flints and axes through to vases, pottery and other small items from various periods in history.   Each item was accompanied by it’s record sheet showing us how the museum keeps track of over a million items.

Afterwards we were given a tour of the museum and saw other items from around the Gamlingay area.

The quern stone and Roman vase are clear in the photos below.

20140501_114043 20140501_122252 20140501_121921    20140501_121906   20140501_114157