Hatley Test Pits July 2014

Simon Keith, a member of GamArch who lives in East Hatley and organised the Test Pit project, has sent in this initial report.   The full report can be seen here as a Word document  Hatley TP full report 2014.   Our thanks to the residents for their time and efforts.

Acknowledgements to John O’Sullivan and Chris Tomsett for the images.


A DEMONSTRATION TEST PIT was dug with instruction by Jemima Woolverton of JIGSAW at the Manor House on Friday 25th. It was very well attended by East Hatley and Gamlingay people. The logistics were excellently arranged by Mark and Gill Wisher. (Tea, coffee, biscuits, awnings to keep off the sun, water, tables, chairs.) There were a lot of finds which I suppose might be expected of a site so near and old house. We got down to a cobbled path at just over 0.5m and it was the undisturbed clay below this. Report sheets filled in. The finds have been washed and bagged.

A SECOND TEST PIT was dug on land belonging to David Fisher and Becky White about 50m south of the Church on Sunday 27th July. About 10 people attended and worked on it. We were fortunate that Zinni Mann came because she has a degree in archaeology and gave useful advice. There were many fewer finds than Friday and much less domestic detritus. Lots of small red brick fragments. Some small bits of burnt wood. A tile and what I think was a ridge tile. Lots of stones! Very compact grey clay. A layer of gravelly stuff at about 0,35m. The undisturbed yellow clay at about .0.8m. No evidence that this site was close to a dwelling. Report sheets being rewritten. Sample finds washed and bagged.

NEXT? Everyone, including the owners Mervyn Lack and Linda Hudson, wants to know what lies beneath the surface in the paddock to the north of the Church footpath. We hope we might do another test (or even two) there before the autumn. Peter Mann and Joyce Denby want to do one on their land.”

Manor House dig 1 web Manor House dig 4 web Manor House dig 7 web Manor House dig 8 web SAM_7164 Manor House dig 38 web Manor House dig 14 web Manor House dig 16 web    SAM_7160 Manor House dig 42 web Manor House dig 39 web Manor House dig 48 web