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Resources  (mostly links to online pdf files – this is work in progress, it’s unsorted and incomplete)

Some of the academic papers linked to are kindly provided by their authors via the online platform. Others come from the national Archaeology Data Service (ADS), particularly in the ‘grey literature’ archive. You might have to have an account for such items. Wherever they come from they are intended for personal use only, copyrights still apply – you should not republish these linked to resources.

If you come across other online resources appropriate for this space please do let us know, we’ll then see if we can put it here on the GamArch website, thanks. Also, if you could report any broken links, duplications or other messups it’d be much appreciated.

Map of planned lidar survey coverage for the coming year
Croydon History & Map
Archaeological Trial Trench Evaluation, New Barn Farm, Drove Road, Gamlingay
Green End Industrial Estate, Gamlingay An Archaeological Evaluation 2010
GAMLINGAY COMMUNITY TURBINE, Cambridgeshire: Evlauation Report
Gamlingay Village College Trial Trenches 2017 (summary only, not yet fully published)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring, St Mary the Virgin Church, Gamlingay
Sue Oosthuizen (1998). The Origins of Cambridgeshire. The Antiquaries Journal, 78, pp 85-109
Prof Sue Oosthuizen’s website carries many of her local/Cambs related papers on it.
Barry Taylor (2003) A contextual analysis of the landscape of Cambridgeshire in the early Anglo-Saxon period (a hefty PhD thesis)
Watching Brief at Cockayne Hatley 2010
Galley Hill Hillfort Evaluation 2006
West Road, Gamlingay Assessment & Evaluation 2007
Green End, Gamlingay Evaluation 2010
The Emplins, Gamlingay, Excavation 1993 (brief summary)
Land off Church End, Gamlingay, Assessment
Land to the Rear of the Coach House, Church Street, Gamlingay, Excavation 2004 (brief summary)
Potton Wood ‘Liberator’ Aircrash Sept 1945
Potton History Society Newsletter re Potton Wood Aircrash
Paper in 2004 PCAS volume  ‘Prehistoric Lithics from Station Road, Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire’
All back volumes of PCAS except the last 5 years are now available online via ADS
Resistivity Survey St Mary’s Field, Gamlingay 2013
St Mary’s Field Gamlingay excavation report 2013
CAFG’s report on their fieldwork & research at Wimpole