Funding secured to finalise the Saxon project

Some great news! Thanks to a donation of £1550 from the Gamlingay Community Turbine Tithe Fund, GamArch has now ordered a display board for the Meadows, to finish the Saxon re-interment project. Funding and placement of a boulder and plaque memorialising the Saxon forebears of Gamlingay has already been undertaken and the Turbine grant will provide a handy info display board standing close by the Saxon memorial stone. The boulder marks the spot where Saxon remains were re-intered earlier in the year, the remains having come from some of those excavated nearby ahead of the Poppyfields housing development. So, a big thank you Turbine people for granting us this money.

Together with the History Society, our efforts to memorialise the village’s ancestors will finally reach fruition. We couldn’t have gotten this far without the help and generosity of many others and we’ll acknowledge all of those who have helped when the info board is put in place. For now, though, one person in particular deserves some credit at this stage – Chris Toomsett, the chair of the GamArch group. It is largely thanks to his sustained effort, determination and diplomatic skills that the Saxon Heritage Project was a success – well done Chris!

Meanwhile, academic research into the rest of the Saxon skeletal remains continues and we’ll keep you up to date on the findings.