Currently, the news is completely dominated by coronavirus during this, a national emergency. Messages on how to avoid infection, who can work and not, likely rates of infection and so on are repeatedly delivered via TV and other media outlets such that hardly anyone in the country can be unaware of the details of the dreadful coronavirus pandemic we are all of us having to face up to and cope with. Wherever you are we hope you stay safe and come through this period of uncertainty unscathed.

The thing is, though, with no possibility of physical meetings outside of the home, what to do whilst we’re staying safe by self-isolating or in lockdown? Well, to alleviate your boredom and to feed and stimulate your mind, the archaeological community has come up trumps with an assortment of ad-hoc activities, exhibitions, literature and so on that you can tap into online for free during the coronavirus emergency. As of April we’ll be putting details of these on the Events page for you. For ourselves, here at GamArch we’ll be able to catch up with writing reports on several of our practical activities, some of which are long overdue. So, although it’s pretty grim out there, there’s a few ways archaeology and the many small kindnesses of its community and the wider community beyond can help take your mind off dwelling on the darker side of the coronavirus outbreak. Wishing you well folks.