The Cromwell Museum is closed for renovations until March but it is still organising events e.g. one on Wednesday February 19th at Huntingdon Town Hall, a spooky/gruesome ‘Courtrooms by Candlelight’ guided tour. It’s free! You’ll need to book a space.

Tuesday February 18th
The Gransdens Society present a talk in the Reading Room, Great Gransden at 8.00pm. The talk is ‘about the archaeological finds while building the new A14’. No further info to hand.

Monday 17th February 7.30pm for a HIAG talk by Nick Gilmour of Oxford Archaeology East on ‘The Bronze Age in East Anglia: Changing the Landscape and Settlement’. Venue is Histon Baptist Church, Station Road, Histon, three quid in.

Monday 10th February 7:30pm sees Jim Brown (famed for his ‘Villagers’ book about Gamlingay) give a talk to Gamlingay History Society on ‘Mrs Winifred Crossley: Britain’s first female aerobatic pilot’. Any of his regular talks here in the village attract lots of attention so get there early for a seat! Venue is the Kier Suite, Eco Hub, Stocks Lane, Gamlingay. £3.00 entry for non-members.

Monday 10th February 7.30pm at West Wickham Village Hall for a talk on ‘Romans in Balsham: an Iron Age and Roman Settlement at Linton Road’. Speaker is Tom Revell of Pre-Construct Archaeology Ltd.

Wednesday 5th February for a CAFG talk ‘Excavations of an 18th Century Farmhouse in Wimpole, Cambs’ to be given by Mike Coles, the CAFG fieldwork co-ordinator. Venue is the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Downing site, Cambridge. Small donation at the door covers entry.

February to end of March
sees Sawtry History Society undertaking archaeological investigations at Hill Top, Weston & they’re looking for volunteeers to assist. Contact for details.

Wednesday January 22nd
at 7:45pm for an 8:00pm start for an Eltisley History Society talk by Martin Davies ‘The Gransden Windmill’. The Cade Pavilion, The Green, Eltisley PE19 6TN. Members free, or three quid entry.

Tuesday 14th January at 7:30pm FEAG present a Lesley McFadyen talk ‘Under the fen, under the sand: Excavating prehistoric land surfaces’. Venue is Willingham Baptist Church, entrance fee not known.

Tuesday 14th January at 7:30pm for Stapleford History Society‘s talk by Helen Ackroyd on ‘The Life of Lord Fairhaven at Anglesey Abbey’

Monday 13th January
at 7:30pm for a HIAG talk. A chance to hear Dr Catherine Hills talk on ‘Roman to Saxon in East Anglia: the archaeological evidence’.
Histon Baptist Church, Station Road, Histon. Entry fee not known

Wednesday 8th January
at 7:30pm sees CAFG’s first of their monthly lectures for the New Year. Bill Franklin will give a talk on “Ramsey Abbey the Anarchy and the enigma of Burwell Castle”. Free for members else (we think) it’s £3.00 on the door.

Wednesday 8th January
at 7:30pm Huntingdon Local History Society have bagged Stuart Orme, the Curator of the Cromwell Museum, to talk about Cromwell’s first campaigns in 1643 at Huntingdon, Peterborough, Crowland and the Battle of Gainsborough on 28th July. No entry fee but donate please. Venue is Huntingdon Methodist Church, 17 High St, Huntingdon PE29 3TJ


The Saxon Heritage Project came to a close in December 2019 with the addition of an Information Board next to the memorial stone in Millbridge Brook Meadows.

Info Board near the Memorial Stone, Millbridge Meadows, Gamlingay

The Info Board  was designed by local historian Jim Brown. Well done to all involved in this 4 year project!

Please Note we do not meet in January – so the next Gamarch meeting will be on February 6th, 2020 (get used to saying that year!) at 7.30pm. We meet @ Blythe Way Community Room (Blythe Way is off Stock’s Lane opposite the EcoHub) Gamlingay, SG19 3EH. Meetings are pretty relaxed and usually last for about an hour, all welcome.

Saxon Heritage Update
  – We are well advanced in our plans to provide an information board and marker on Millbridge Brook Meadows to commemorate the Saxon inhabitants of what was to become Gamlingay. Update: Our info/display board has arrived, we plan to install it on the Meadows on Friday 6th December.
Update: We heard very recently that our application to the Gamlingay Community Turbine Tithe Fund has been approved, many thanks to them. The money will cover the cost of an information board (materials, artwork, installation) by the Saxon memorial stone on the Meadows. More info about the Saxon site there and of the re-interment and memorialisation of Gamlingay’s early inhabitants can be found on our Saxon Heritage Project.

Mid-October saw us visiting a site being excavated ahead of house-building. We won’t say exactly where this is because the dig is still running and they have had problems with so called ‘nighthawks’ – illegal metal detecting by unscrupulous treasure hunters. Anyway, what we saw at the dig site was astonishing, a fabulous site. Check the blog (after 8th November) for more info and photos. Update: the site is still in need of protection whilst excavations are winding up and so there isn’t a blog post covering it as yet. Meanwhile, regarding the hugely destrctive impact illegal detecting has on our national heritage, check out this news