Our next meeting is on Thursday, March 1st 2018 at 7.30 at the Blythe Way Community Room (Blythe Way is off Stock’s Lane opposite the EcoHub) Gamlingay. Meetings follow on Thursday 8th March, no meeting in April and then monthly on first Thursdays

You’ll be welcome to listen to what we are planning and updates on what we have done and then join if you wish.

Test Pits in Gamlingay

Would you like to find out whether there are more than just plants and shrubs in your garden? GamArch want to find out more about the archaeology of Gamlingay and so are looking for people willing to have a test pit dug in their garden. This involves measuring out an area 1 metre square, removing the turf and then digging down in stages until you reach what is known as ‘the natural’. The soil that comes out of the pit is put on a plastic sheet for sieving (to check for small finds that were missed) so that it can be easily be used to backfill the pit once the digging has finished (without leaving a mess all over your lawn) and the turf replaced. This is all done over a few hours on one day. Typically we would do this between Spring and Autumn and usually at a weekend.

We already have 2 residents who wish to participate, but more welcome please.

Another Test Pit at the medieval Merton Manor House in Station Road was excavated 23 – 27 September 2017. A formal Report will follow after analysis of finds but a general guide including photos will be added to the website  soon

If you would like to volunteer your garden you are also welcome to get involved in the process, as are your family and friends. Please email if you are interested or if you have questions about the process.