Chair–Chris Tomsett   Vice Chair– Ken Abbott  Secretary–Julia Manley

We have an annual membership fee of £10 and membership is currently restricted to residents of Gamlingay, Hatley parishes and those locations within 5 miles of Gamlingay.   We have around 20 members. For further information on how to join or become involved and support Gamarch activities in any way please either contact Julia via or pop along to one of our monthly meetings – we’d be pleased to see you.

We meet at 7.30pm on the first Thursday monthly (except January and April) at the Blythe Way Community Room (Blythe Way is off Stock’s Lane opposite the EcoHub) Gamlingay, SG19 3EH.

What do we do and what are we about?   In a nutshell, we explore and research our local area, share our discoveries and have fun doing it.   OK, it’s sometimes not fun – picking up finds out on a windswept field in mid-Winter isn’t always fun – but nobody has to do that if they don’t want to and there are other things to do besides field walking.    We attend training events, listen to interesting talks given by knowledgeable people, staff stalls at shows and events, write pieces for the Gamlingay Gazette and other outlets, dig test-pits, process finds, research archives…all sorts of things really.

Although our efforts are voluntary we do approach things in a methodical and organised way.   Yes, archaeology is fun and a deeply satisfying thing to get into but there are obligations and standards that need to be kept to.   GamArch follows standard archaeological protocols and strives to meet best practice guidelines whatever group activity we undertake.   Whenever we do have a need for help or guidance we have plenty of expertise in the wider archaeology community to call on should we need it.

Gamlingay is perhaps best known archaeologically for its excavated  Anglo-Saxon past, vestiges of which can still be seen around us today in the form of ancient field boundaries.   There’s surely more to be found and Gamarch is and probably always will be active in that area but there’s much more going on archaeologically in and around Gamlingay and the area than just ‘the Anglo-Saxons’.

What and how and where else we investigate is under continual revue, so please do get in touch if you’d like to see GamArch focus on something in particular – your feedback and suggestions are welcome. And do join us if you’ve a mind to, the more the merrier.