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Gamlingay Saxon Heritage: take a fresh look!

Twenty years ago this year a major archaeological dig took place on the area where the new houses are on Station Road.   The finds were very significant: remains of a settlement, and a large Saxon burial site, with evidence of some 118 internments.   This Saxon cemetery was an early example of early Christian burials, and a rare example of the changes to the beliefs of people moving from pagan to Christian.

Now there will be chance to learn more about these earlier residents of Gamlingay. GAMARCH (your local archaeological group), in collaboration with the History Society, is to hold an Open Meeting on the evening of Thursday July 6th, which will look at some details of the original findings, but we will also hear about a major current project, led by the University of Cambridge, and funded by the Welcome Trust, that seeks to examine some of the family, social life and health of the inhabitants – a project that will encompass other sites within the region.

Speakers will be Quinton Carroll, the County Archaeologist who will cover what was found in Gamlingay in 1997 and why it is important.  Dr Sarah Inskip, Cambridge University key project worker will tell us what is happening now and why and how the project will proceed.

Skeletal remains will feature in the presentations and displays and there will be plenty of time for questions. There will be discussion of related activities which may be possible later in the year. Leading on from this it is hoped that in 2018 it will be possible to conduct a re-internment of some of the remains from the site, and create a permanent marker for the memory of the residents that were here around 1200 years go.

Book the date in your diary now – that’s Thursday July 6th , 7.30pm in the Kier Suite at the Gamlingay Eco Hub.

Images of the 1997 excavations courtesy of Jim Brown

We are a group of amateurs with a strong interest in Gamlingay’s history and particularly archaeology.   We do, however, have members from other local villages and our interests will extend there.

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As you can see from our logo above we are affiliated to JIGSAW CAMBRIDGESHIRE who assist local history and archaeological societies in historical research, excavation, artefact identification, recording, and much more.  They provide training, equipment and professional advice and are willing to come out on site with us.

In 2014 we became members of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society founded in 1840 and now the repository of over 170 years of the local history and archaeology of Cambridgeshire. They are currently digitising their records and are a valuable resource. See Gamlingay Neolithic Site under Articles of Interest above to see a report of the Society’s proceedings in 1911.

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